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What is a carbon footprint?
How we measure

To reduce our carbon footprint, Albers measures and discloses figures per product. Specifically, we divide the lifecycle of a product from material sourcing to disposal into five stages and measure the emissions at each stage. More information can be found here.


To reduce the emissions of material sourcing, Albers uses natural materials like wool, wood, and sugarcane as much as possible.


Manufacturing requires energy, so by working with like-minded partners to manufacture efficiently, we've dramatically reduced our emissions.


From factories, to shipping and distribution centers, to customers around the world, sometimes returns or exchanges are made. All of this transportation also creates a carbon footprint.

Using and washing your product

No matter how much you love your shoes, they still need to be cleaned from time to time. Albers products are machine washable, but that still creates carbon emissions. We don't miss the little emissions in the process.


Most products end up in landfills, decaying and releasing carbon into the atmosphere. We're doing a lot of things to try to solve this problem, at least a little bit.

Addressing sustainability

We'll email you updates on our efforts toward our long-term sustainability goals.

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