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Allbirds draws inspiration from nature.
We're always listening and observing the gifts of nature around us and thinking about how we can use them in new ways. Like sugarcane, we look for the best materials we can find in nature.

Sugarcane is a waste-free material: the byproducts of crushing are used as energy and fertilizer, and the sugar left over after crushing is recycled into SweetFoam®, the world's first carbon-negative midsole, to keep you comfortable wherever you go.

Nature's Sweet Gift Sugarcane

SweetFoam® is made from sugarcane grown sustainably in the southern region of Brazil, where abundant precipitation favors the plant. They don't require irrigation and thrive on rainwater alone. Sugarcane grows back quickly after use, making it completely renewable and a carbon-negative material that absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere than it releases from its growth to manufacturing.

Responsible materials sourcing

Our sugarcane is sourced using the strictest standards to protect people and the environment. These standards are set jointly by Proforest and our partner Braskem, and our partner farms are separately audited by an independent third party to ensure that all standards are being met.

More Materials


Recycled plastic bottles

One recycled plastic bottle becomes a pair of Allbirds shoelaces.Stay tuned to see your discarded bottles transformed into beautiful shoelaces.


Caster Bean

Castor bean oil increases the percentage of natural ingredients in the insole.Enjoy the comfort of natural materials.



Our shoelace holes are made thanks to unique microbes that consume sugar. Science is so sweet, isn't it?