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Use energy responsibly

Goal by December 2025
- Use 100% renewable energy in Allbirds-owned and operated facilities
- Use 100% renewable energy in manufacturing
- Over 95% of our transportation is by boat
- All customers machine wash Allbirds products at low temperatures, and half of our customers air dry their Allbirds apparel.

Why Allbirds strives
At Allbirds, we define "energy" broadly and include the "power" and "fuel" we use in sourcing materials, manufacturing, transportation, customer service, and more. And we believe that we are responsible for our products until the very end, even after they arrive in the hands of our customers. This energy use accounts for about three-quarters of our carbon footprint, which means that everything we do relies on "energy." To reduce our carbon footprint, we must eliminate fossil fuels, not only in our materials, but also in the power we use. We do this by working with our suppliers to develop cleaner production processes, investing in low-carbon transportation and suggesting green cleaning methods, sourcing renewable energy for our stores, and more.

What Allbirds does

Allbirds is still a small company, so we don't use a lot of energy, at least not compared to larger companies. While this is a good thing, it also has a bad side. For example, we don't own any factories, but we work with them to provide renewable energy. We can also take full advantage of shipping by sea, which has a lower carbon footprint than air transportation. Finally, there's the use of our products by our customers. Allbirds will take responsibility for the impact of every product we make, but we can't control the kind of energy we use for washing and drying that is part of the process of using our products. Nevertheless, we continue to communicate our green practices to help our customers change their behavior. In addition, we are working on energy efficiency by producing in areas where renewable energy is available and working with our suppliers. Finally, government involvement is essential for the energy revolution globally. Allbirds is planning to make recommendations on policies to reduce its carbon footprint.

Addressing sustainability

We'll email you updates on our efforts toward our long-term sustainability goals.

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